Where You Now Have a Friend Who's a Doctor

Today’s healthcare system can leave you feeling like no one – not even your doctor cares. That’s why you deserve the convenience, confidence and peace of mind that comes with mdPersonal, a leading Orange County medical practice specializing in concierge functional medicine. Because we limit our patient base to 350 patients per practitioner, we’re able to give every patient the continuity of care and the personal time and personal attention they require. Watch the video below to hear a brief word from Dr. Neil Neimark, M.D. Director & Founder of mdPersonal Concierge Functional Medicine.

Get The Best in Concierge & Functional Medicine - You've Earned It

24/7 Access to Your Doctor

At mdPersonal, you get your doctor’s very own personal cell phone number. Do you have your doctor’s cell phone number in case of an emergency? There’s nothing more comforting than being able to get a hold of your very own doctor when you’re sick after hours.

Same or Next Day Appointments

At mdPersonal, the doctor can see you today. When you’re not feeling well, you don’t want to be seen in a week or two, do you? No one does. You deserve to be seen when you’re actually sick. Same day appointments are available for all urgent problems.

Minimal To No Wait Time

At mdPersonal, you’ll barely have time to sit down, with wait times less than 5 minutes! Aren’t you tired of spending more time waiting for your doctor than spending with your doctor? When you’re not feeling well, the last thing you want to do is be stuck sitting in some overcrowded waiting room.

Visits For As Long As You Need

At mdPersonal, we have time for all your questions. Are you getting all of your questions answered at your doctor’s appointment? When you’re worried about your health, you deserve to have all your concerns addressed.

Benefit from the Latest Advances in Functional Medicine

At mdPersonal Concierge Functional Medicine, it's our job to help you protect everything you work so hard to achieve in life, including your most important asset: your physical health and emotional well-being. Utilizing the latest advances in functional medicine, preventive and integrative medicine, we work to keep you healthy, happy and strong. Learn more about our approach to functional medicine and prevention by watching the video below.

See What Our Satisfied Patients Have to Say

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Fred D Father, Grandfather & Retired Businessman Orange County

"I can always count on Dr. Neimark to keep me healthy and fit and he always has a joke to make me laugh, even when I'm not feeling so good. That's the kind of good bedside manner that I'm looking for in a doctor. But it's more than that. He is always up on the latest advances in medicine and I admire his going back to school in the evenings to get his new certification in functional medicine. He's the kind of doctor who never stops learning to keep his patients healthy and I appreciate that beyond words."

Mrs. Vu Mother, Grandmother & Retired Homemaker

Mrs. Vu has been a patient of Dr. Neimark's for the last 14 years. When her friends ask her why she is so happy all the time, she says, "Because I have such a great doctor. I am so lucky." Really, it's Dr. Neimark that feels so lucky to have such wonderful patients to care for and help.

Brian & Joyce R. Real Estate Professionals & All-Around Good Guys

Brian and Joyce have been patients of Dr. Neimark's for over 18 years and love the care and attention that he gives them. "Dr. Neimark is the doctor we trust to help us with all our medical problems. We love his ability to diagnose our problems thoroughly and the way he includes us and educates us about all our treatment options. We couldn't be happier with his care."

Chuck D Father, Husband, Author & Retired Businessman

It was only about three years ago when Chuck was facing tremendous stress at work, neglecting his health and had developed severe progressive diabetes, almost necessitating insulin injections. "With Dr. Neimark's remarkable guidance and help in explaining what was happening to me and educating me about the risks, I followed his advice, cut back on unnecessary activities, began eating well again and exercising and now I am completely free of any diabetes at all. I can't imagine a finer doctor than Dr. N. I am forever grateful to him for guiding me back to health. I feel better than ever."

Pam S Mom, Grandma & Retired Businesswoman

Pam S (left) has been a patient of Dr. N's for nearly ten years and just loves his concierge practice. When she lost her husband Larry to cancer a few years ago, Dr. N was able to be there to give them both the extra care, medical attention and emotinal support they needed. "Dr. N is a very special doctor and friend who I trust. Whenever I need something, he is there for me and my family. I travel alot and he even spoke to the doctor in Jerusalem when I fell and hurt my leg on a trip to Israel. I can't speak highly enough of his professionalism, warmth, sense of humor and expertise."

Dr. Greg M Father, Cyclist, Retired Psychologist & Lovable Guy

"Dr. Neimark is the ultimate caring doctor. He has taken excellent care of my son and me throughout the twenty years we have known him. I trust him completely and appreciate his availability on the occasional odd times my son has gotten sick on the weekends as well as the house call he made the day I tripped on my front porch and broke my leg! Dr. Neimark is a rare find in today's crazy medical world."

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